Friday, August 31, 2007

Malichi Luvz Mom...

Malichi melts my heart! Today on the way to the park, Malichi was drawing on his magna-doodle, and when we got there he says, "Mom, look what I wrote!"...

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Isn't that sweet!? He sounded it out all by himeself and everything! I love how he spelled it "Luvz"! :) And then he made another one:

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So my baby starts kindergarten on Tuesday! I am so excited for him,but I am a little sad as well. One stage of his life (and my life) is ending and another is beginning.
It seems like it was not long ago that he was running around in diapers, making airplanes out of legos, and saying funny things like "Hey Mom, I fourty six, OK!?" at the same time EVERY day, or "Okie Gokie!"

But now he is this mature, little man, with thoughts and opinions of his own. He has his own personality, and he is finding out what his interest are, and are not. He is making friends, and is at the age that he would rather spend time with them, than playing with Mommy, most of the time.

Now he will be with all the "big kids" in a big school! Now I will be dropping him off on a playground and when the school bell rings, he'll go all by himself to his line, to find his locker and his classroom all on his own!

He has just grown up so fast. I am so excited for him to start Kindergarten, yet I don't feel quite ready for it!

But I know he will thrive, and he will do great! And most importantly, HE is so excited to start school. On wednesday, we went to the open house, where he got to meet his teacher, see his classroom, and locker, and bring all of his school supplies to his class. He reconized the name of one other boy in his class, and it is someone he went to preschool with, so he is excited that he will know someone in his class right away when school starts. And then he noticed that his seat was right next to his preschool friend's seat. I told his teacher, "good luck with that!" :)

And so far, his anxiety about school hasn't been too bad. I am so hoping that the first couple of days of school go smoothly, and hopefully we won't have to worry about him getting anxiety at school. I know his is thinking a lot about it though. He is asking a lot of questions about what is going to happen and where he will be during school. He just needs to know what the schedule is going to be, and not have any surprises, and hopefully that will help for him.

Now, he might be just fine, but we'll see about ME!! I almost cried at the open house! Just being in the school, and taking him to his class, and knowing that this is the start to 13 or more years of school for him, and he can no longer stay home with mommy all day! It just hit me hard that he is growing up so fast!

Here is the picture that his new teacher took at the open house of him and I:
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Yesterday we had his "kids" birthday party. Just a small party with some of his friends. The craft for the party was temporary tattoos that he kids got to put on and then color in. It definitly was a hit. The kids loved it!

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Time to go catch up on some emails! Oh yeah, BTW, we FINALLY have the internet back at our house! YAY! :)


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