Monday, August 29, 2011

Kinzie and her new glasses!

At Kinzie's 7 year check up, she had a hard time with the vision test, so Dr. Erickson recommended we do a regular eye exam. Sure enough, she needed glasses. All that time that she would get up and move so close to the tv, I though it was because the twins were being loud and distracting and she was moving herself in front of where they play. But nope, she just couldn't see the tv!

That night we went to target and she picked out her brand new glasses. Here is what she picked out! Doesn't she look so much older with them!?


For her birthday, Kinzie's BFF, Kennedie gave her matching glasses for her American Girl doll Maddie!

Kinzie and Maddie with their new glasses and their matching dresses from Nate and Joan!


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